Stable Campground

The Stable Campground is located within PSJA on Donegal Bay Road near the Association's Donegal Bay beaches. It was originally a riding stable created by Beaver Island resident Henry Allen as part of a resort. That resort was incorporated into PSJA when it was created and became the association campground. The campground is necessary because the covenant controlling property use prohibits erecting a tent or placing a camper or RV on any lot. Members of the association who own lots but have not yet built on those lots, or members who have family or friends visiting that cannot be accommodated in a house already built, use the Stable Campground. It has provision for both campers (including electrical hookups) and tent camping. Additionally, the campground has simple cooking facilities including a stove and refrigerator. It also has showers and indoor toilet facilities. 

The cost of the campground is kept as low as possible. It is not intended to be a profit making venture. Rather, the Association sets camping fees based upon the actual cost to provide the facility. Fees for campsites with electric hookup are $20.00 per night. non-electric camping fees are $15.00 per night. 

All campers are expected to adhere to the posted rules of the campground; especially regarding the use of campfires at times when burning is prohibited in St. James Township. The current campground rules  are set forth below


Stable Campground Rules

The purpose of the Stable Campground is to provide a place to camp for members who have not built or are building on their lot(s). Camping on your lot is prohibited. The Stable Campground is provided for property owners,their immediate families, and guests for whom there is no room in the members home provided only  that the member makes a reservation, signs a reservation form, and pays the required fees. Space is allocated on a first come first served basis and space cannot be guaranteed.

The Stable Campground opens on the 15th of May and closes in mid-September depending on the weather. Bob Pryor (906.869.2414) is the PSJA Board Member in charge of the Stable Campground. If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, please contact Bob. If unable to reach him call Jim Flanagan at 773.396.4638. 


1. Property owners must register for and prepay for campsites. Camping permits will be issued for a period of 2 weeks only unless other wise approved by the Board. 

2. No more than one single family shall camp on a campsite.

3. Only tents or recreational vehicles are allowed. Each campsite must be kept clean.

4. Only coolers may be outside a tent or camper.

5. Quiet hours are from 10:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. and must be observed. 

6. No loud music may be played at anytime. 

7. Showers and toilets must be kept clean.

8. Alcoholic beverages must be used in moderation. Violators will be asked to leave the campground and will forfeit any remaining fees. 

9. Campfires may only be started if there is no burning ban in place in St. James Township. If a burning ban is in place signs will be posted at the campground notifying campers of the fact that fires are not permitted. Anytime a camper starts a campfire, it must be in a provided fire ring and must be attended at all times. Any  fire not actively attended must be put out. Violators will be asked to leave the campground and will forfeit any remaining fees. 

10. Pets must be under control at all times and must not create a disturbance. 

11. Live trees and other plantings cannot be cut down or damaged. 

12. Fireworks are not permitted in the campground. 

13. Anyone who creates a nuisance will be asked to leave the campground immediately and will forfeit any remaining fees. 

14. PSJA is not responsible for personal property left at the campground. Storage of personal property is the Stable Barn is not permitted. 

15. All campers camp at their own risk.

16. No smoking is allowed in the Stable Barn.

17. Personal vehicles must be parked in the marked parking area only. Vehicles are allowed in the campground only to place and remove a camper or RV or to unload camping gear. 

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in the camper(s) being asked to leave the campground and forfeiture of all fees paid. 

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